Film in 1954

  • Win John Gielgud

    Julius Caesar

    Jack Hawkins

    The Cruel Sea

    Trevor Howard

    The Heart of the Matter

    Duncan Macrae

    The Kidnappers

    Kenneth Moore


  • Win Audrey Hepburn

    Roman Holiday

    Celia Johnson

    The Captain's Paradise

  • Win Elizabeth Is Queen

    Win A Queen Is Crowned

    Win The Conquest Of Everest

    Thomas Stobart

    Win Erich von Stroheim

  • Win The Conquest Of Everest

    White Mane (Crin Blanc)

    Elizabeth Is Queen

    Pictures of the Middle Ages (Images Medievales)

    Kumak, The Sleepy Hunter

    Mille Miglia

    Operation Hurricane

    A Queen Is Crowned

    Teeth Of The Wind

    Life In The Arctic (Vo l'dakh Okeana)

    Water Birds

    World Without End

  • Win Genevieve

    Win Forbidden Games (Jeux Interdits)

    The Bad And The Beautiful

    Come Back, Little Sheba

    The Cruel Sea

    From Here To Eternity

    The Heart Of The Matter

    Julius Caesar

    The Kidnappers


    The Little World Of Don Camillo (Le Petit Monde De Don Camillo)

    The Medium


    Moulin Rouge

    We Are All Murderers (Nous Sommes Tous Des Assassins)

    Roman Holiday


    The Sun Shines Bright

    Two Pennyworth Of Hope (Due Soldi Di Speranza)