Television in 1982

  • Win Anthony Andrews

    Brideshead Revisited

    John Gielgud

    Brideshead Revisited

    Robert Hardy

    Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years/Fothergill

    Jeremy Irons

    Brideshead Revisited

  • Win Judi Dench

    Going Gently, A Fine Romance, The Cherry Orchard

    Claire Bloom

    Brideshead Revisited

    Celia Johnson

    The Potting Shed

    Diana Quick

    Brideshead Revisited

  • Win ITN Coverage Of Poland

    Production Team

    International Snooker

    Nick Hunter

    BBC Royal Wedding Coverage

    Michael Lumley And The Production Team

    ITV Royal Wedding coverage

    Jim Pople, Stewart Purvis And The Production Team

  • Win Yes, Minster

    Peter Whitmore

    A Fine Romance

    James Cellan Jones


    David Croft, John Kilby

    To The Manor Born

    Gareth Gwenlan

  • Win Brideshead Revisited

    Peter Phillips

    Pygmalion/Miss Morison’s Ghosts/The Potting Shed

    Eileen Diss

    The Borgias

    Tim Harvey

    Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years

    Roger Murray-Leach

  • Win David Croft

  • Win The Ritz

    Edward Mirzoeff

    The South Bank Show: Nickleby And Company

    Andrew Snell

    Prostitute I Am, Common I'm Not

    Judy Lever

    Snowdon On Camera

    Iain Johnstone

  • Win Brideshead Revisited

    Derek Granger, Charles Sturridge, Michael Lindsay-Hogg

    The History Man

    Michael Wearing, Robert Knights

    Private Schulz

    Philip Hinchcliffe, Robert Chetwyn

    Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years

    Richard Broke, Ferdinand Fairfax

  • Win Ireland: A Television History (Episodes 5-13)

    Jeremy Isaacs

    Fighter Pilot

    Colin Strong

    Forty Minutes

    Roger Mills

    Wildlife On One

    Peter Bale

    World About Us

    Peter Jones, Anthony Isaacs

  • Win Category not awarded this year

  • Win Nigel Hawthorne

    Yes, Minster

    Dave Allen

    The Dave Allen Show

    Stanley Baxter

    The Stanley Baxter Series

    Paul Eddington

    Yes, Minster