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  • Win Nobody Waved Goodbye

    The Human Dutch

    The Life Of Billy Walker

    Portrait Of Queenie

  • Win Kenojuak



    23 Skidoo

  • Win Driving Technique - Passenger Trains

    And Gladly Would He Learn

    The Circarc Gear

    Germany - A Regional Geography

  • Win Dr Strangelove

    A Distant Trumpet

    Lilies Of The Field

    23 Skidoo

  • Win Alan Badel

    The Count Of Monte Cristo/Meeting Point/A Couple Of Dry Martinis/Not So Much A Programme…/Famous Gossips

    Richard Briers

    Simon and Laura/Marriage Lines/Points of View/Present Laughter - Excerpt/Charley's Aunt/To You At Home Today

    Ian Carmichael

    Simon and Laura/The World of Wooster

    Patrick Wymark

    The Plane Makers/Crime and Punishment/Once a Jolly Swagman/Malatesta/Sherlock Holmes/I Remember the Battle/Four of Hearts - Tilt

  • Win Gwen Watford

    The Cesar Birotteau/Madam/End Of Term/Take Care Of Madam/The Rules Of The Game

    Peggy Ashcroft

    The Wars of the Roses/Rosmersholm

    June Barry

    Four of Hearts - Tilt/Twice Upon a Time/Progress to the Park/No Trams to Lime Street

    Vivien Merchant

    The Tea Party

    Moira Redmond

    Anatol/The Late Edwina Black/Challenge/R-3 Series/A Tall Stalwart Lancer

  • Win The World Of Wooster/Comedy Playhouse: Sam The Samaritan/90 Years On - Churchill Birthday Programme

    Michael Mills

    The Likely Lads/Comedy Playhouse: Barnaby Spoot and the Exploding Whoopee Cushion

    Dick Clement

    Hugh and I/A Slight Case of.../Dick Emery Show (1)

    David Croft

    The Worker (6)/The Tigers Are Burning/Emergency Ward Ten (4)/The Braden Beat (6)/Front Page Story (1)

    Shaun O'Riordan

  • Win The Tea Party/Progress To The Park/Summer Of The 17th Doll/The Tap On The Shoulder/Ashes To Ashes/Auto Stop

    Eileen Diss

    The Bachelors/Giants on Saturday/No Baby, No Baby At All/The Rules of the Game/[six more titles]

    John Clements

    The Incident/The Importance of Being Earnest/Hothouse/The Gaming Book/The Hunter/Time and Mr Maddingly

    Assheton Gorton

    Parade's End (Trilogy)/Sherlock Holmes (1 Episode)/The Navigators/No Trams to Lime Street/The Kidders/[two more titles]

    Richard Wilmot

  • Win Humphrey Burton

  • Win The Grafters/Paradise Street

    Charles Squires

    The Fall and Rise of the House of Krupp/The Road to Suez

    Peter Batty

    Born Chinese

    Richard Cawston

    Eton: The Pacemakers (6)

    Anthony de Lotbinière

    Sharon/The Entertainers/The Dream Machine

    Denis Mitchell

    A Little Madness/No Mean City: Florence/No Mean City: Athens/Pilgrims to Lourdes

    Michael Tuchner

  • Win The Count Of Monte Cristo/Contract To Kill/Hereward The Wake (3 Episodes To September 1965)/I Took My World Away/Ambrose

    Peter Hammond

    Win Crime and Punishment/The Rules of the Game/Four of Hearts - Tilt

    Cyril Coke

    Captain Carvallo/The Big Breaker/The Young Elizabeth/The Tea Party

    Charles Jarrott

    The Wars of the Roses

    Production Team

  • Win Paris 1900/The Changeling (Mackie Only)/Women Beware Women (Mackie Only)/The Old Boys, The Babysitter (Narizzano Only)

    Philip Mackie, Silvio Narizzano

    Mogul/Memory of October/The Campaign/Redcap (6)/Danger Man

    Peter Graham Scott

    Missing Believe Killed/Hidden Truth: One of the Hampshire Pargeters/Take Care of Madam, Kill Me!/[one more title]

    Stella Richman

    Danger Man

    Ralph Smart

  • Win This Week

    Jeremy Isaacs And The Production Team

    Division/This Week (From July 1965)/Three After Six/Paradise Street

    Cyril Bennett

    General Election Coverage

    Paul Fox

    So You Think You Can Drive/Jungle Green/Glorious Sail (Compilation)

    Tim Slessor

    Presentation of Olympic Material

    Sports Unit

  • Win Malcolm Muggeridge

  • Win Living Camera

    Robert Drew Associates