BAFTA Awards Search

  • Abubakar Salim

    Assassin's Creed Origins (Bayek)

    Ashly Burch

    Horizon Zero Dawn (Aloy)

    Claudia Black

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (Chloe Frazer)

    Laura Bailey

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (Nadine Ross)

    Valerie Rose Lohman

    What Remains of Edith Finch (Edith Finch)

  • Alex Hernandez

    Mafia III (Lincoln Clay)

    Emily Rose

    Uncharted 4 (Elena Fisher)

    Navid Negahban

    1979 Revolution: Black Friday ('Hajj Agha')

    Nolan North

    Uncharted 4 (Nathan Drake)

    Troy Baker

    Uncharted 4 (Sam Drake)

  • Ashly Burch

    Life is Strange (Chloe Price)

    Doug Cockle

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Witcher)

    Oliver Dimsdale

    Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (Stephen Appleton)

    Mark Hamill

    Batman: Arkham Knight (The Joker)

    Masasa Moyo

    Broken Age: Act 2 (Vella)

  • Adam Harrington

    The Wolf Among Us (Bigby Wolf)

    Kevin Spacey

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Jonathan Irons)

    Logan Cunningham

    Transistor (Transistor)

    Melissa Hutchison

    The Walking Dead: Season 2 (Clementine)

    Troy Baker

    Far Cry 4 (Pagan Min)

  • Courtnee Draper (Elizabeth)

    BioShock Infinite

    Ellen Page (Jodie)

    Beyond: Two Souls

    Kevan Brighting (The Narrator)

    The Stanley Parable

    Steven Ogg (Trevor Phillips)

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Troy Baker (Joel)

    The Last of Us

  • Adrian Hough (Haytham)

    Assassin’s Creed III

    Dave Fennoy (Lee Everett)

    The Walking Dead

    Melissa Hutchison (Clementine)

    The Walking Dead

    Nigel Carrington (The Narrator)

    Dear Esther

    Nolan North (Nathan Drake)

    Uncharted: Golden Abyss

  • Stephen Fry

    LittleBigPlanet 2

    Togo Igawa

    Total War: SHOGUN 2

    Stephen Merchant

    Portal 2

    Nolan North

    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

    Aaron Staton

    LA Noire