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  • Win Formula 1: Drive to Survive

    Nick Fry, Steve Speed, James Evans, Hugh Dwan

    Earth at Night in Colour

    Kate Hopkins, Tim Owens, Graham Wild, Paul Ackerman, Tom Mercer

    Hitsville: The Making of Motown

    Richard Kondal, Alex Outhwaite, Adrian Sandu

    Springwatch 2020

    Sound Team

  • Win Battle of the Brass Bands

    Sound Team

    Seven Worlds, One Planet

    Graham Wild, Kate Hopkins

    Our Planet (One Planet)

    Tim Owens

    Formula 1: Drive to Survive

    Nick Fry, Steve Speed, James Evans, Nick Adams

  • Win Sound Team

    Later Live with Jools Holland

    Doug Dreger, Rowan Jennings

    Michael Palin in North Korea

    Kate Davis, Steve Onopa

    Amy Winehouse: Back to Black (Classic Albums)

    Tim Owens, Graham Wild, Katie Hopkins

    Dynasties: Chimpanzees

  • Win Blue Planet II (Coral Reefs)

    Graham Wild, Tim Owens, Kate Hopkins

    World War One Remembered: Passchendaele

    Andy Deacon, Kevin Duff, Andy James, Mark McLoughlin

    Mountain: Life at the Extreme (Himalaya)

    Graham Wild, George Fry, James Burchill

    David Bowie: The Last Five Years

    Karl Mainzer, Rowan Jennings, Adam Scourfield, Sean O'Neil

    The Grand Tour

    Russell Edwards, Tristan Powell, Robert Entwistle, Marc Wojtanowski

  • Win Planet Earth II (Cities)

    Graham Wild, Kate Hopkins, Tim Owens

    Forces of Nature with Brian Cox

    John Rogerson, Jay Price, Laurie Goode, Andy Paddon

    Planet Earth II (Jungles)

    Kate Hopkins, Graham Wild

    Olympic Opening Ceremony 2016

    Sound Team

  • Win VE Day 70: The Nation Remembers

    Andy James, Andy Payne, Andy Groves, Julian Pasqua

    The Naked Choir with Gareth Malone

    Daniel Jones, Gareth Malone, Conrad Fletcher, Mat Wood

    Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough

    John Rogerson, Richard Addis, Ryan Twyman, Freddie Claire

    La Traviata: Love, Death And Divas

    Matt Skilton, Mike Hatch, Tony Burke

  • Win Messiah at the Foundling Hospital

    Mike Hatch, Kuz Randhawa, Matt Skilton

    The Choir: New Military Wives

    Daniel Jones, Paul Taylor, Sarah Hunt, Pete Lee

    Hidden Kingdoms: Under Open Skies

    Max Bygrave, Tim Owens, Kate Hopkins, Ben Peace

    That Musical We Made

    Roger Lucas, Oliver Rotchell, Stuart Hilliker, Alex Ellerington

  • Win David Bowie – Five Years

    Rowan Jennings, Karl Mainzer, Adam Scourfield

    Africa (Kalahari)

    Kate Hopkins, Tim Owens, Graham Wild

    Britten's Endgame

    Patrick Boland, Mike Hatch, Rowan Jennings, Paul Paragon

    David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive 3D

    Freddie Claire, Graham Kirkman, John Rogerson, Richard Addis

    Hebrides – Islands on the Edge

    Ben Peace, Kate Hopkins, Tim Owens

  • Win The London 2012 Olympics: Super Saturday

    Peter Bridges

    Brazil with Michael Palin

    George Foulgham, Sebastian Dunn

    Top Gear

    Chris Lebert, Robert Entwistle, Russell Edwards, Kiff McManus

    The Plane Crash

    Grant Covacic, Pete Lee, Karl Mainzer, Michael Wood

  • Win Frozen Planet: To The Ends Of The Earth

    Kate Hopkins, Tim Owens, Graham Wild

    The Choir: Military Wives

    Daniel Jones, Sam Mathewson

    Rostropovich: The Genius Of The Cello

    Tom O'Pray, Paul Paragon, Sam Santana

    The Royal Wedding: Service In Westminster Abbey

    Sound Team

  • Win Elgar: The Man Behind The Mask

    Paul Paragon, Jez Spencer, Mike Hatch

    Human Planet: Oceans

    Martyn Harries, Kate Hopkins

    Human Planet: Jungles

    Willow Murton, Kate Hopkins, Mark Ferda, Rachael Kinley

    Top Gear: Middle East Special

    Sound Team

  • Win Trawlermen

    George Foulgham, Lisa Marie McStay, Kiff McManus, Dafydd Baines

    9/11: Phone Calls From The Towers

    Ben Baird, Adam Wilks, Ben Lester, Merce Williams

    Nature's Great Events: The Great Feast

    Paul Cowgill, Kate Hopkins, Andrew Wilson, Graham Wild

    Life: Insects

    Chris Domaille, Graham Wild, Tim Owens, Kate Hopkins

  • Win Ross Kemp In Afghanistan

    James Snowden, Nick Fry

    Louis Theroux: Behind Bars

    Bob Jackson, James Baker

    The Family


    Wimbledon 2008 Men's Final


  • Win War Oratorio

    Paul Paragon, Mike Hatch, Ben Baird

    Michael Palin’s New Europe

    George Foulgham, John Pritchard

    Trawlermen: Pick Of The Catch

    George Foulgham, Lisa McMahon

    Seven Ages Of Rock


  • Win 9/11: The Twin Towers

    Peter Baldock, Tim White, Cliff Jones

    Breaking Up With the Joneses

    Ben Baird, Ursula MacFarlane, Saskia Wilson

    The Somme: From Defeat To Victory

    Danny Finn

    Planet Earth

    Andrew Wilson, Kate Hopkins, Tim Owens, Graham Wild

  • Win Tsunami: 7 Hours On Boxing Day

    Ben Baird, Gregor Lyon, Brian Howell

    Holocaust: A Music Memorial Film From Auschwitz

    Ben Baird, Mike Hatch

    The Genius Of Beethoven

    Ben Baird, Andy Rose, Tony Meering

    Life In The Undergrowth


  • Win The Genius Of Mozart

    Andy Rose, Tony Meering, Ben Baird

    Big Cat Week

    Andy Hawley, Andy Milk, Andrew Wilson, Ian Bown

    The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off

    Bob Jackson

    Himalaya With Michael Palin

    John Pritchard, George Foulgham

  • Win Operatunity

    Trevor Hotz, Paul Parsons, Graham Haines

    Elephants – Spy In The Herd

    Peter Davies, Paul Cowgill, Paul Cooper

    Ancient Egyptians: The Battle Of Megiddo

    Paul Hamblin, Tim Owens, Max Bygrave

    Living With Michael Jackson

    Samantha Handy, Zubin Sarosh, Dion Stuart

  • Win The Queen’s Golden Jubilee


    Wild Weather

    Jovan Ajder, Simon Pinkerton, Dan Gable

    Sahara With Michael Palin

    John Pritchard, George Foulgham

    The Queen Mother’s Funeral


  • Win Hell In The Pacific

    Peter Eason, Craig Butters, Cliff Jones

    Walking With Beasts

    Kenny Clark, Jovan Ajder, Chris Burdon

    Walk On By: The Story Of Popular Song

    Peter Davies, Paul Cowgill, Ravi Gurnam, Jane Barnett

    The Blue Planet


  • Win The South Bank Show: Simon Rattle On Judith Weir

    Paul Vigars, Alex Thompson

    Britain At War In Colour

    Brian Aherne


    Victor Chainey, Chris Phinikas

    Omnibus: Dudley Moore – After The Laughter

    Michael Lax

  • Win Michael Palin’s Hemingway Adventure

    John Pritchard, Bob Jackson

    Eye Of The Storm

    Ian Hills, Dion Stuart, Samantha Handy

    Paddington Green

    John Rodda, Dudley Houlden, Paul Roberts

    Shanghai Vice


  • Win The Life Of Birds


    Omnibus: Andre Previn

    Bob Blauvelt, Bill Chesneau, Steve Jankowski, Peter Davies

    Lockerbie: A Night Remembered

    David Lindsay, Matt Skilton

    The Human Body


  • Win Airport

    John Rodda, Paul Roberts

    Full Circle With Michael Palin

    Fraser Barber, Victoria Trow, Kathy Rodwell, Michael Narduzzo


    Adrian Bell, Tim Watts, Paul Roberts

    Great Composers


  • Win Blues And Twos

    Bob Jackson, Chris Pancott, Steve Blincoe

    True Stories: Crime Of The Wolf

    Leonid Gavrichenko, Alexander Grusdev

    Great Railway Journeys


    Soho Stories

    Chris Terrill, Keith Wilkinson, George Foulgham

  • Win The Beatles Anthology

    Howie Nicol, Richard King, Andy Matthews, Danny Longhurst

    HMS Brilliant

    Adrian Bell, Tony Anscombe, Trish Stephenson, Gary McIntyre

    True Stories: The Betrayed

    Patrick Bolland, Michael Narduzzo

    The Private Life Of Plants

    Trevor Gosling, Lucy Rutherford, Martin Harries, Peter Hicks

  • Win Torvill And Dean: Facing The Music

    David Welch, Paul Hardy, Keith Marriner,

    Beyond The Clouds

    Michael Danks, Anna Gregory, Geraldine Phillips, Colin Martin, Matt Skilton

    Blues And Twos

    Bob Jackson, Colin Hobson, Team

    The Nick

    Keith Rodgerson, Richard Hannan, John Wood

  • Win Inside Story: Traffic Jam

    Stuart Bruce, Bob Jackson, Kathy Heaton

    Hookers, Hustlers, Pimps And Their Johns

    Stuart Deutsch, Brooks Williams

    As It Happened The Killing Of Kennedy

    Peter Edwards, Colin Martin

    Secret Nature: Isles Of Scilly

    John Hale, Justin Smith

  • Win Elizabeth R

    Peter Edwards, Colin Martin, Gary Franchi

    The Royal Variety Performance

    John Caulfield, Tim Davies

    Nomads: Siberia

    Lindsay Dodd, Finn Arden, Bob Jackson

    Celebraton: Simply Red

    Mike Hayes

  • Win A Royal Gala: The Prince Of Wales’s Symphony For The Spire

    Robert Edwards

    Live From The Proms

    Paul Cunliffe

    The South Bank Show: Kiri Te Kanawa (Special)

    Mike Fairman, Colin Martin, Team

    Mahler’s 8th Symphony

    Graham Haines