BAFTA Awards Search

  • Win Boris Godunov (Live From Leningrad)

    Graham Haines

    Challenge Anneka

    Dave Chapman

    Omnibus At The Proms

    Paul Cunliffe

    Mahler's 8th Symphony Live

    Robert Edwards

  • Win Love For Three Oranges

    Graham Haines

    Bomber Harris

    Barry Bonner

    The Marriage Of Figaro

    Ron Ferris

    Live From The Proms: Mahler's Symphony No.7

    Graham Haines

  • Win The Nelson Mandela Concert

    Chris Holcombe, Mike Johnstone, Mike Robinson, Ken O'Neill

    The Kirov Ballet Live In London

    Vic Godrich

    Omnibus: Live From The Proms

    Graham Haines


    Andrew Wilson, Neil Hipkiss

  • Win Tutti Frutti (Episodes 3 And 4)

    Brian Dewar

    Shostakovich: The Golden Age

    Graham Haines

    The Dame Edna Experience (1 - 3)

    Graham Hix


    Rod Lewis

  • Win The Bolshoi In The Park

    Vic Godrich

    Cosi Fan Tutte

    Ray Angel, Brendan Shore


    John Delany, Chris Holcombe

    Fire And Ice

    Mike Fairman

    The Royal Variety Performance

    Barrie Hawes, Paul Cunliffe

    First Among Equals

    Dion Stuart

  • Win The Mysteries: The Nativity

    Roy Drysdale, David Taylor

    Andrew Lloyd Webber's Requiem

    Jeff Baker

    L'Enfance Du Christ

    Richard Bradford

    The South Bank Show: Domenico Scarlatti

    Mike Fairman

    The Tube

    John Overton

  • Win Sounds Magnificent

    Ray Angel

    Stars Of The Roller State Disco

    Chick Anthony

    The Hot Shoe Show

    Adrian Bishop-Laggett

    The Old Man Of Hoy

    Barrie Hawes

  • Win Three Of A Kind/The Two Ronnies/Grace Kennedy

    Mike McCarthy

    Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

    Henry Bird

    The Hot Shoe Show/Here Come The Classics

    Adrian Bishop-Laggett

    Reith/The Beggar's Opera/The Case Of The Frightened Lady/Floating Off/Waters Of The Moon

    Richard Chubb

  • Barchester Chronicles/Frost In May

    Chick Anthony

    Boys From The Blackstuff

    Ramon Bailey, David Baumber

    Nicholas Nickleby

    Andrew Boulton

    Frost In May/Tishoo/Another Flip For Dominick/Season Of Alan Bennett Plays/La Ronde/Merry Wives Of Windsor

    Richard Chubb

  • Win The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

    Michael McCarthy


    Michael Ayres

    A Fine Romance/The South Bank Show: Lulu’s Last Act

    Mike Fairman


    Chris Warner

  • Win Fidelio

    Ron Payne

    Des O'Connor/Grace Kennedy/Lena Zavaroni/Oscar Peterson/Song For Europe

    Hugh Barker

    Pride And Prejudice

    John Delaney

    The Kings Singers/Lenny And Jerry/Des O'Connor/Mike Yarwood Xmas Special/Butterflies

    Len Shorey

  • Win The St Matthew Passion

    Graham Haines, Ian Parr


    Norman Bennett

    Telford's Change

    Colin Dixon

    Testament Of Youth

    Brian Hiles

  • Win Don Giovanni/Falstaff

    Cyril Vine

    The South Bank Show: MacMillan's Mayerling

    Mike Fairman

    The Proms

    Graham Haines


    Bob Pell, Paul Faraday

  • Macbeth

    Ray Angell

    Professional Foul/The Ambassadors

    Chick Anthony

    The Velvet Glove Series

    Richard Chubb

    Hi Summer

    Vic Finch

    Rock Follies Of '77

    Mike Pontin