BAFTA Awards Search

  • Win Terry Pratchett's Hogfather

    Simon Thomas, Oliver Money

    Death Of A President


    Krakatoa: The Last Days

    Lola, The Model Unit

    Doctor Who

    The Mill

  • Win Hiroshima

    Red Vision, Mike Tucker, Gareth Edwards

    Walking With Monsters

    Framestore Team


    Barrie Hemsley, James Madigan, Joe Pavlo



  • Win Battlefield Britain

    Red Vision

    The Brighton Bomb

    Steve Bowman, Mike Tucker

    British Isles: A Natural History

    David Corfield


    Team FX

  • Win Walking With Dinosaurs: Sea Monsters (Trilogy)

    Max Tyrie, Tim Greenwood, Jez Gibson-Harris, Jamie Campbell

    Ancient Egyptians: The Battle Of Megiddo

    Grahame Andrew, Rob Harvey, Julian Parry, Abbie Tucker-Williams

    George Orwell: A Life In Pictures

    Aidan Farrell, Barney Jordan

    Walking With Dinosaurs: Land Of The Giants (Special)

    Max Tyrie, George Roper, Jez Gibson-Harris, Jamie Campbell

  • Win Walking With Dinosars: The Giant Claw (Special)

    Max Tyrie, Tim Greenwood, Jez Gibson-Harris


    Phil Attfield


    Mike McGee, Michael Eames, Alec Knox

    How The Twin Towers Collapsed

    Red Vision