BAFTA Awards Search

  • Win Brideshead Revisited

    Peter Phillips

    Pygmalion/Miss Morison’s Ghosts/The Potting Shed

    Eileen Diss

    The Borgias

    Tim Harvey

    Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years

    Roger Murray-Leach

  • Win Therese Raquin

    David Myerscough-Jones

    Blade On The Feather

    Andrew Drummond

    Cream In My Coffee

    John Emery

    Love In A Cold Climate

    David Marshall, Robert Ide

  • Win Testament Of Youth

    Sally Hulke

    Crime And Punishment

    Tony Abbott

    Prince Regent

    Barry Newbury, Barrie Dobbins

    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

    Austen Spriggs

  • Win Edward And Mrs Simpson

    Allan Cameron, Martyn Hebert


    Bryan Bagge, Richard Dunn, Roger Hall

    Pennies From Heaven

    Tim Harvey, Bruce Macadie

    The Voyage Of Charles Darwin

    Colin Shaw

  • Win Hard Times

    Roy Stonehouse

    The Duchess Of Duke Street

    Raymond Cusick, Victor Meredith, Tony Thorpe

    Love For Lydia

    John Clements, Frank Nerini

    The Muppet Show

    David Chandler, Bryan Holgate

  • Win I, Claudius

    Tim Harvey

    The Duchess Of Duke Street

    Raymond Cusick, Paul Joel

    Rock Follies

    Rod Stratford, Alex Clarke

    When The Boat Comes In

    Richard Morris, Bernard Lloyd-Jones, Sue Spence, Oliver Bayldon, Peter Brachacki

  • Win Edward VII

    Henry Graveney, Anthony Waller

    Days Of Hope

    Martin Johnson

    The Stanley Baxter Moving Picture Show Part III

    Bill McPherson

    Upstairs, Downstairs

    Sheila Jackson

  • Win The Stanley Baxter Big Picture Show

    Bill McPherson


    Fred Pusey, Mike Hall


    Jane Robinson, Jill Silverside

    The Pallisers

    Raymond Cusick, Tim Harvey

  • Win An Afternoon At The Festival/Now She Lies There/Pygmalion/Alice Through The Looking Glass/Trouble In Tahiti

    Eileen Diss

    The Bröntes Of Haworth

    Alan Pickford

    Country Matters

    Design Team

    Vienna 1900

    Don Homfray

  • Win War And Peace

    Don Homfray

    The Onedin Line

    Oliver Bayldon And The Design Team

    Upstairs, Downstairs

    John Clements

  • Win The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes

    Design Team

    Die Fledermaus/Cider With Rosie

    Eileen Diss

    The Onedin Line

    Oliver Bayldon


    Fanny Taylor

  • Win The Six Wives Of Henry VIII/Biography: Beethoven/Biography: I Measured The Skies - Kepler/Put Out More Flags

    Peter Seddon


    Don Homfray

    The Roads To Freedom

    Spencer Chapman

    Uncle Vanya

    Eileen Diss

  • Win Otello/Rembrandt/The Vortex

    Tony Abbott

    The Borderers

    Colin Shaw

    Louise/Better Dead/Charley's Aunt/The Marquise

    Eileen Diss

    This Is Tom Jones

    Brian Bartholomew

  • Win The Portrait Of A Lady

    Roy Oxley

  • Win Julia Trevelyan Oman

  • Win Tony Abbott

  • Win The Tea Party/Progress To The Park/Summer Of The 17th Doll/The Tap On The Shoulder/Ashes To Ashes/Auto Stop

    Eileen Diss

    The Bachelors/Giants on Saturday/No Baby, No Baby At All/The Rules of the Game/[six more titles]

    John Clements

    The Incident/The Importance of Being Earnest/Hothouse/The Gaming Book/The Hunter/Time and Mr Maddingly

    Assheton Gorton

    Parade's End (Trilogy)/Sherlock Holmes (1 Episode)/The Navigators/No Trams to Lime Street/The Kidders/[two more titles]

    Richard Wilmot

  • Win Richard Wilmot