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  • Win USA 2000: Wheel Spin In Motor City

    Susan Francis, David Johnson

    African Portraits: Senegal - Positive Black Soul

    Cassie Braban, Abigail Harvey

    The German Programme - Willkommen!

    Melanie Stokes, Ray Kilby

    The Music Show - Harmony

    Terry Braun, Gabriella Rajeczy Von Burian

  • Win Excalibur

    Colin Thomas, Gwyn A Williams

    Finishing School

    Pamela Hunt

    Aria: Hedydd Yn Yr Haul

    Vaughan Hughes


    Gwenda Griffith, Richard Pawelko

  • Win True Stories: The Betrayed

    Clive Gordon

    Anne Frank Remembered

    Jon Blair

    Network First: Man And Animal

    Anthony Thomas

    Secret Asia: The Dying Rooms

    Brian Woods, Kate Blewett

  • Win Shoah

    Claude Lanzmann

    Viewpoint '86: Afghanistan: The Agony Of A Nation

    Sandy Gall

    Omnibus: The Mission

    Robin Lough

    Forty Minutes: The Fishing Party

    Paul Watson

    Equinox: Prisoner Of Consciousness

    John Dollar

    British Cinema: Personal View - A Turnip Head's Guide To The British Cinema

    Alan Parker