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  • Win Grav: Ray O'r Mynydd

    Sion Thomas

    On Show: The Miner In Art

    Dylan Wyn Richards, Paul Islwyn Thomas

    Tywysogion: Llwelyn Fawr

    Angharad Anwyl

  • Win Lie Of The Land

    Molly Dineen, Justin Krish, Catherine Bailey, Mark Frith

    Beautiful Young Minds

    Morgan Matthews, Edmund Coulthard, Grant McKee, David Brindley

    Malcolm And Barbara: Love's Farewell

    Paul Watson, Kim Horton

    Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives

    Production Team

  • Win Shoah

    Claude Lanzmann

    Viewpoint '86: Afghanistan: The Agony Of A Nation

    Sandy Gall

    Omnibus: The Mission

    Robin Lough

    Forty Minutes: The Fishing Party

    Paul Watson

    Equinox: Prisoner Of Consciousness

    John Dollar

    British Cinema: Personal View - A Turnip Head's Guide To The British Cinema

    Alan Parker