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  • Win Walking Towards The Light

    John Alexander

    Absolutely Ballroom

    Suzanne Phillips

    Dilyn Ddoe: Y Mynachod A Aeth I'r Sinema

    Mary Simmonds, Colin Thomas

    Stanley Baker - A Life In Film

    Steve Freer

  • Win Please Leave The Light On

    Bible John: Portrait Of A Serial Killer

    Network First: The Blind School

    Football, Faith and Flutes

    Inside Sellafield

    Ex-S: The Pleasure Palace

  • Win Horizon: Fermat's Last Theorem

    John Lynch, Simon Singh

    Cutting Edge: The Home

    Paul Watson

    Elton John: Tantrums And Tiaras

    Polly Steele, Claudia Rosencrantz, David Furnish

    Timewatch: Remember Aberfan

    Catrine Clay

  • Win Nobody Waved Goodbye

    The Human Dutch

    The Life Of Billy Walker

    Portrait Of Queenie

  • Win The Grafters/Paradise Street

    Charles Squires

    The Fall and Rise of the House of Krupp/The Road to Suez

    Peter Batty

    Born Chinese

    Richard Cawston

    Eton: The Pacemakers (6)

    Anthony de Lotbinière

    Sharon/The Entertainers/The Dream Machine

    Denis Mitchell

    A Little Madness/No Mean City: Florence/No Mean City: Athens/Pilgrims to Lourdes

    Michael Tuchner

  • Win The Undefeated

    Inland Waterways


    Green Is The Mountain (La Montagne Est Verte)

    Seal Island

    The Vatican

    Life Begins Tomorrow (La Vie Commence Demain)