BAFTA Awards Search

  • Win Book Tower

    Anne Wood, Douglas Wilcox

    Blue Peter

    Biddy Baxter

    John Craven's Newsround

    Eric Rowan

    Play School

    Cynthia Felgate

    Take Hart

    Chris Pilkington

  • Win Laurence Olivier - A Life

    Melvyn Bragg, Bob Bee

    A Complaint Of Rape

    Roger Graef, Charles Stewart

    Ice, Wind And Fire

    Michael Andrews

    The Orson Welles Story

    Alan Yentob, Leslie Megahey

  • Win The Ritz

    Edward Mirzoeff

    The South Bank Show: Nickleby And Company

    Andrew Snell

    Prostitute I Am, Common I'm Not

    Judy Lever

    Snowdon On Camera

    Iain Johnstone

  • Win Strangeways: Christmas

    Rex Bloomstein

    Cambodia - Year One

    David Munro

    Great Railway Journeys Of The World: Deccan

    Gerry Troyna

    The South Bank Show: A Time There Was… A Profile Of Benjamin Britten

    Tony Palmer

    The World About Us: Osprey

    Hugh Miles

  • Win Fred Dibnah, Steeplejack

    Don Haworth

    The World About Us: Bloody Ivory (Special)

    Simon Trevor, Bill Travers

    Kitty - Return To Auschwitz

    Peter Morley

    Year Zero - The Silent Death Of Cambodia

    David Munro

  • Win Opium: The Warlords

    Adrian Cowell

    The Hong Kong Beat: The Bamboo Curtain

    John Purdie

    MacMillan's Mayerling

    Derek Bailey

    Whicker's World - India: He's A Stuck-Up Maharajah - I'm Not Going To Marry Him

    Ian Mcfarlane, Nigel Turner

  • Win Hospital: Casualty

    Tim King

    Goodbye Longfellow Road

    John Willis

    Whicker's World: Palm Beach

    Michael Tuchner

    World In Action: The Life And Death of Steve Biko

    Michael Ryan

  • Win A Year In The Life

    Paul Watson

    The Life And Times Of Lord Mountbatten

    Peter Morley

    The Royal Family

    Richard Cawston

    Struggle For China/Gold Run, The/Captain RN//It Never Seemed To Rain/All Or Nothing Man/Papa Doc/Pugnacious Pacifist, The/Whicker's New World

    Tony Essex

  • Win Cities At War

    Michael Darlow, Mike Wooller

  • Win Kevin Billington

  • Win Kevin Billington

  • Win The Grafters/Paradise Street

    Charles Squires

    The Fall and Rise of the House of Krupp/The Road to Suez

    Peter Batty

    Born Chinese

    Richard Cawston

    Eton: The Pacemakers (6)

    Anthony de Lotbinière

    Sharon/The Entertainers/The Dream Machine

    Denis Mitchell

    A Little Madness/No Mean City: Florence/No Mean City: Athens/Pilgrims to Lourdes

    Michael Tuchner

  • Win Jack Gold

  • Win Anthony de Lotbinière