BAFTA Awards Search

  • Win Jeeves And Wooster

    Derek Hayes

    Going Live

    Morgan Almeida, Mark Knight, Paul Baguley

    The South Bank Show (Titles)

    Pat Gavin

    BBC2 Channel Identities

    Brendan Norman-Ross, Sue Worthy, Maylin Lee

  • The Crystal Maze

    Darren Agnew

    The Clothes Show

    Elizabeth Edwards

    BBC Network Identities

    Martin Lambie-Nairn, Daniel Barber


    Debby Mendoza

  • Win Summer On BBC1 (Promotion)

    Lucy Blakstad, Susan Worthy

    The Clothes Show

    Elizabeth Edwards

    Tonight With Jonathan Ross

    Danielle Frick

    Rough Guide To The World

    Andy Frith

  • Win Agatha Christie's Poirot

    Pat Gavin

    The Late Show

    Steve Bonnet, Jane Fielder, Keith Haynes, Mina Martinez

    Around The World In 80 Days

    Liz Friedman

    Def II

    Jane Wyatt

  • Win Wired

    Matt Forrest


    Andy Frith

    The South Bank Show

    Pat Gavin

    Talking Heads

    Mina Martinez

    Network 7

    Shelley O’Neil, Matt Forrest, Damian Wayling

  • Win Tutti Frutti

    Sandi Anderson, John Byrne

    Porterhouse Blue

    Phil Austin, Derek Hayes

    The South Bank Show

    Pat Gavin

    The RKO Story: Tales From Hollywood

    Peter Wane

  • Win The Singing Detective

    Joanna Ball

    Lost Empires

    Ray Freeman

    The Entertainers

    Pat Gavin

    The Life And Loves Of A She-Devil

    Michael Graham-Smith

    Film On Four

    Marc Ortmans

    Entertainment USA

    John Salisbury

  • Win Max Headroom (Pilot)

    Rod Lord, Peter Tupy

    Marilyn Monroe: Say Goodbye To The President

    Joanna Ball

    Edge Of Darkness

    Andy Coward, Linda Sherwood-Page

    John Lennon: A Journey In The Life

    Peter Wane

  • Win Jane In The Desert

    John Kennedy, Graham McCallum

    The Box Of Delights

    Stewart Austin

    Bird Of Prey II

    Bob Cosford

    The South Bank Show

    Pat Gavin

  • Win Hey, Good Looking!/The South Bank Show

    Pat Gavin

    Unknown Chaplin/Saigon, Year Of The Cat

    Barry O’Riordan

    The Tale Of Beatrix Potter

    Anne Smith

    Film On Four (Opening Titles)

    Sid Sutton

  • Win Jane/Gulliver In Lilliput

    Graham McCallum

    Smiley's People/Barchester Chronicles

    Stewart Austin

    The Snowman

    Dianne Jackson, Raymond Briggs

    Whoops Apocalypse/The South Bank Show

    Pat Gavin

  • Win The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

    Rod Lord

    Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years

    Arthur Butten

    The South Bank Show

    Pat Gavin

    A Fine Romance

    Tony Oldfield

  • Win The South Bank Show/Blade On The Feather/20th Century Box

    Pat Gavin

    The Merchant Of Venice

    Alan Jeapes


    Barry O'Reardon


    George Wallder

  • Win Secret Army

    Alan Jeapes

    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

    Doug Burd

    The South Bank Show

    Pat Gavin


    Sid Sutton

  • Omnibus

    Bob Blagden

    The South Bank Show

    Pat Gavin

    Two's Company

    Pat Gavin, Terry Griffiths

    Read All About It

    Ian Moo Young

  • Win Omnibus: For Art Or Money

    Bob Blagden

    Yorkshire Television Play Titles/Something To Declare: Robert Kee

    Diana Dunn

    Aquarius: Mr Satie Passes Through

    Pat Gavin

    Secret Army

    Alan Jeapes

    Rock Follies Of '77

    Rob Page


    Geoff Pearson