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  • Win Blue Planet II (One Ocean)

    Camera Team

    The Detectives: Murder on the Streets

    Daniel Vernon, Daniel Dewsbury

    Storyville, Last Men in Aleppo (Storyville)

    Fadi Al-Halabi, Hassan Kattan, Thaer Mohammed

    The Fight for Mosul (Dispatches)

    Olivier Sarbil

  • Win Planet Earth II (Cities)

    John Aitchison, Rob Whitworth, Mark MacEwen

    Planet Earth II (Deserts)

    John Shier, Jonathan Jones, Barrie Britton

    Planet Earth II (Mountains)

    John Shier, Mateo Willis, Barrie Britton

    Planet Earth II (Jungles)

    Tom Crowley, Mark MacEwen, John Brown

  • Win The Hunt

    Camera Team

    Handmade: Metal

    Andrew Muggleton

    The Children Who Beat Ebola

    Ben Steele

    Big Cats: An Amazing Animal Family

    Pete Hayns, Mark Payne-Gill, Luke Barnett

  • Win Children on the Frontline (Dispatches)

    Marcel Mettelseifen

    Life and Death Row – Execution

    Ben Anthony, Luke Menges

    Life Story: First Steps

    Camera Team

    Photographing Africa

    Richard Jones, Max Hug Williams, Harry Hook

  • Win Rebuilding the World Trade Center

    Marcus Robinson

    Africa (Congo)

    Camera Team

    Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams

    Andy Jackson

    Syria: Across the Lines

    Olly Lambert

  • Win Amish: A Secret Life

    Steve Robinson

    Kingdom of Plants 3D

    Tim Cragg, Robert Hollingworth, Tim Shepherd

    Return to the Falklands

    Rupert Binsley

    Supersized Earth

    Julius Brighton, Paul O'Callaghan

  • Win Frozen Planet: To The Ends Of The Earth

    Camera Team

    Crack House

    Sean Bobbitt

    Earthflight: Europe

    Richard Cook, Christian Moullec, Michael W Richards

    True Stories: Gypsy Blood

    Leo Maguire

  • Win Human Planet: Arctic

    Will Edwards, Doug Allan, Matt Norman

    Human Planet: Oceans

    Simon Enderby, Robin Cox, Richard Wollocombe

    David Attenborough's First Life

    Pete Hayns, Paul Williams

    Human Planet: Jungles

    Gavin Thurston, Robin Cox, Pete Hayns

  • Win Yellowstone: Winter

    Camera Team

    How Earth Made Us

    Camera Team

    Life: Insects

    Rod Clarke, Kevin Flay

    Andrew Marr's The Making Of Modern Britain

    Neil Harvey

    Dispatches: The Slumdog Children Of Mumbai

    Nick Read

  • Win A History Of Scotland

    Neville Kidd

    The Victorian Sex Explorer

    Roger Chapman

    Amazon With Bruce Parry

    Matt Norman

    Ross Kemp In Afghanistan

    Andrew Thompson

  • Win Tribe - Nenets

    Wayne Derrick

    The Natural World: Wye – Voices From The Valley

    Charlie Hamilton-James, James McPherson

    Dispatches: China’s Stolen Children (Special)

    Jezza Neumann

    The Seven Sins Of England

    Mark Wolf

  • Win Simon Schama's Power Of Art

    Tim Cragg


    Camera Team

    Planet Earth

    Camera Team

    Breaking Up With The Joneses

    Ursula MacFarlane, Saskia Wilson