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  • Talking Heads: Playing Sandwiches

    Mark Shivas, Udayan Prasad, Alan Bennett

  • Win Going Gently

    Stephen Frears

    A Sense Of Freedom

    John Mackenzie

    The Potting Shed

    David Cunliffe

    United Kingdom

    Roland Joffé

  • Win Caught On A Train

    Peter Duffell

    Blade On The Feather

    Richard Loncraine

    Cream In My Coffee

    Gavin Millar

    Staying On

    Silvio Narizzano

  • Win Blue Remembered Hills

    Brian Gibson

    Churchill And The Generals

    Alan Gibson

    The Knowledge

    Bob Brooks

    Suez 1956

    Michael Darlow

  • Win Licking Hitler

    David Hare

    Me, I'm Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

    Stephen Frears

    The One And Only Phyllis Dixey

    Michael Tuchner

    Thank You Comrades

    Jack Gold

  • Win Spend, Spend, Spend

    John Goldschmidt

    A Good Human Story/Philby, Burgess And Maclean

    Gordon Flemyng

    Jesus Of Nazareth

    Franco Zeffirelli

    Professional Foul

    Michael Lindsay-Hogg

  • Win Bar Mitzvah Boy

    Michael Tuchner

    Billion Dollar Bubble

    Brian Gibson

    Ready When You Are Mr McGill

    Mike Newell

    Rogue Male

    Clive Donner

  • Win The Evacuees

    Alan Parker

    Shades Of Greene: Cheap In August

    Alvin Rakoff

    Eighty-Four Charing Cross Road

    Mark Cullingham

    Just Another Saturday

    John Mackenzie

    The Naked Civil Servant

    Jack Gold

  • Win Antony And Cleopatra

    Jon Scoffield


    Jack Gold

    God Bless Thee Jackie Madison

    Jack Gold

    Mr Axelford's Angel

    John Frankau

    Robinson Crusoe

    James MacTaggart

  • Win Kisses At Fifty

    Michael Apted

    Alice Through The Looking Glass

    James MacTaggart

    Country Matters: The Little Farm

    Silvio Narizzano

    Mrs Palfrey At The Claremont/Wessex Tales: The Withered Arm

    Michael Lindsay-Hogg

  • Win Stocker's Copper

    Jack Gold

    The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui

    Jack Gold

    To Encourage The Others

    Alan Clarke