Television Craft in 1981

  • Win Thérèse Raquin

    Reg Samuel

    Worzel Gummidge

    Michael Baldwin

    Pride And Prejudice

    Joan Ellacott

    Cream In My Coffee

    Sue Formston

  • Win Tony Pierce-Roberts, John Else

    Caught On A Train

    Derek Banks


    Peter Hannan

    Blade On The Feather

    Wolfgang Suschitzky

    Staying On/Worzel Gummidge

  • Tariq Anwar

    Oppenheimer/Caught On A Train

    Jon Costelloe

    Blade On The Feather

    Roger James

    Death Of A Princess/The Gamekeeper

    Trevor Waite And Editing Team


  • Win A Sense Of Place: The Fens

    Tony Anscombe

    Oppenheimer/Caught On A Train/Silence Of The Sea/World About Us: Roots

    Peter Edwards

    Only In America: Detectives/Cowboys/Going Home - Hollywood/Creggan/Murphy's Stroke

    Freddie Slade


    Michael Turner

  • Win The South Bank Show/Blade On The Feather/20th Century Box

    Pat Gavin

    The Merchant Of Venice

    Alan Jeapes


    Barry O'Reardon


    George Wallder

  • Win Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

    Sylvia Thornton

    Worzel Gummidge

    Marion Durnford

    Cream In My Coffee

    Pauline Green

    Thérèse Raquin

    Jean Speak

  • Win Fidelio

    Ron Payne

    Des O'Connor/Grace Kennedy/Lena Zavaroni/Oscar Peterson/Song For Europe

    Hugh Barker

    Pride And Prejudice

    John Delaney

    The Kings Singers/Lenny And Jerry/Des O'Connor/Mike Yarwood Xmas Special/Butterflies

    Len Shorey

  • Win n, a

  • Win Geoff Feld

    The Merchant Of Venice/The Fatal Spring/We, The Accused

    Ron Green

    Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde/Thérèse Raquin

    Dave Mutton

    Pride And Prejudice

    Rod Taylor

    Oppenheimer/To Serve Them All My Days

  • Win Jan Langford

    The South Bank Show: The Passion/The Worst Of It'll Be Alright On The Night

    Matt Boney

    Not The Nine O'Clock News

    John Hawkins

    The Muppets

    Fred Turner, Dave Lewinton

    The Kenny Everett Video Show

  • Win Thérèse Raquin/Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

    Howard King

    The Merchant Of Venice

    Dennis Channon

    We, The Accused/Pride And Prejudice

    Dave Sydenham


    Clive Thomas

    The Taming Of The Shrew

    John Treays