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EE BAFTA Film Awards

Ceremony date: Sunday 19 February 2023


Entries for the 2023 Awards are open

Please send any questions about rules or entry to awards@bafta.org

- Rules & Guidelines (Feature categories)

- Key dates

- Key rules and process changes

- BAFTA Music Tracker

- Music cue sheet template

- Casting statement template

- Outstanding Debut qualifying festival list

- Headshot Photogrid template

- Q&A agreement

- Confidentiality agreement - entrants requesting access to voter data

- Confidentiality agreement - mailing houses or publicists requesting access to voter data

-Technical Specification for Video uploads on entry.bafta.org 

BAFTA View Security Overview



British Short Film and British Short Animation entries are now open

- Rules & Guidelines (shorts categories)

- List of qualifying festivals

- Apply to be a BAFTA qualifying festival


- BFI Diversity Standards form - for features and shorts

Details of the criteria and extended guidance and notes are available here. If you have any questions, please contact diversitystandards@bfi.org.uk . Please note BFI funded films which have already been assessed against the standards do not need to resubmit an application.

BAFTA Games Awards

Entry for the 2023 Awards is now closed

Nominations date: Thursday 2 March 2023

Ceremony date: Thursday 30 March 2023

- 2023 Rules & Guidelines

- 2023 Key Rules & Process Changes

BFI Diversity Standards

- Prevention of Bullying and Harassment Guidance

BAFTA Television Awards

Entry open now via entry.bafta.org

Please send any questions about rules or entry to awards@bafta.org

- Rules & Guidelines 

- Key updates for 2023

BAFTA Cymru Awards

Ceremony date: Sunday 9 October 2022

Nominations: Wednesday 7 September 2022

- Rules & Guidelines