Television Craft in 1994

  • Win Christmas On BBC2

    Jane Fielder, Iain Greenway

    Morph And Griff

    Simon Winchester, Paul Weiland, Sue Worthy

    Autumn On BBC2

    Jane Wyatt, Maylin Lee, Iain Greenway

    Winter On BBC2

    Jane Wyatt, Mark Chaudoir, Tim Platt

  • Win French And Saunders

    Sallie Jaye, Jan Sewell

    Casualty (Episodes 12, 15)

    Jo Bailey,

    Mr Wroe’s Virgins

    Ann Humphreys

    Lipstick On Your Collar

    Sallie Jaye

  • Win To Play The King

    Jim Parker

    The Buddha Of Suburbia

    David Bowie

    Mr Wroe’s Virgins

    Roger And Brian Eno

    Life In The Freezer

    George Fenton

  • Win Inside Story: Traffic Jam

    Stuart Bruce, Bob Jackson, Kathy Heaton

    Hookers, Hustlers, Pimps And Their Johns

    Stuart Deutsch, Brooks Williams

    As It Happened The Killing Of Kennedy

    Peter Edwards, Colin Martin

    Secret Nature: Isles Of Scilly

    John Hale, Justin Smith

  • Win The Snapper

    Kieran Horgan, Peter Joly, Dan Gane, Peter Maxwell, Mick Boggis

    Lipstick On Your Collar

    John Midgley, Robin O’Donoghue, Andrew Glen



    Between The Lines

    Bruce Wills, Craig Irving, Peter Gates

  • Win Porgy And Bess

    Chris Townsend


    Brian Pearce

    Casualty (Episodes 1, 5, 12, 15)

    Cedric Rich,

    Hedda Gabler

    Clive Thomas