Children's in 2005

  • Win The Little Reindeer

    Jonathan Peel, Dave Unwin

    The Cramp Twins

    Denise Green, Frank Gresham

    A Grizzly New Year's Tale - The Crystal Eye

    Production Team

    The Tale Of Jack Frost

    Neil Graham, Alastair Swinnerton

  • Win Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

    Batman Begins

    The Fantastic Four

    The Incredibles

    Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events


    The Polar Express


    Shark Tale

    Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith

  • Win My Life As A Popat

    Laurence Bowen, Beryl Richards, Manoj Raithatha

    Best Friends

    Sue Austen, Cilla Ware, Jonathan Harvey

    Fungus the Bogeyman

    Ian Whitehead, Stuart Orme, Mark Haddon

    Tracy Beaker

    Jane Steventon, Jill Robertson, Mary Morris

  • Win RAD: The Groms Tour America

    Christian Stevenson, Wayne Yates

    Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow

    Steve Ryde, Simon Hepworth

    Globo Loco

    Ged Allen, Caroline Coleman, Michael Kerrigan

    Scary Sleepover

    Emma Walsh, Julian Kemp

  • Win Serious Arctic

    Marshall Corwin, Audrey Neil, Nick Hopkin

    A Different Life

    Rupert Dobson, Will Rowson

    Michaela's Wild Challenge

    Luke Gallie, Jonathan Frisby


    Jill Nicholls, Dominique Young

  • Win The Incredibles

    John Walker, Brad Bird

    Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

    Richard Zanuck, Tim Burton

    The Polar Express

    Steve Starkey, Robert Zemeckis

    Shark Tale

    Production Team

  • Win Smile

    Production Team


    Production Team

    CBeebies Online

    Production Team


    Greg Taylor, David Savage

  • Win Jakers! The Adventures Of Piggley Winks

    Production Team

    Atomic Betty

    Production Team

    Black Hole High

    Production Team

    Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

    Neil Affleck, Donnie Anderson, Pam Lehn

  • Win Peppa Pig

    Phil Davies, Mark Baker, Neville Astley

    The Koala Brothers

    David Johnson, Martin Pullen

    Meg And Mog

    Carl Gorham, Roger Mainwood


    Bella Reekie, Kevin Walton, Liz Whitaker

  • Win Boogie Beebies

    Clare Bradley, Brendan McCaul


    Brian Jameson, Jacqui McAlpine, Helen Doherty

    My First

    Mick Robertson, Tamara MacLachlan

    Something Special

    Kay Benbow, Allan Johnston, Michael Towner

  • Win Michaela Strachan

    Michaela's Wild Challenge

    Matt Baker

    Blue Peter

    Richard McCourt And Dominic Wood

    Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow

    Holly Willoughby


  • Win Scene - Oddsquad

    Hilary Durman, John Godber, Jane Thornton

    Last Rights

    Philip Trethowan, Bill Anderson, Clive Bradley

    L8R - Why R U Here?

    Jerry Rothwell, John White, Malcolm Campbell

    Shadow Play

    Sarah A Miller, Dirk Campbell, Carolyn Sally Jones

  • Win Primary History - Indus Civilisation: Mohenjo-Daro

    Andrea Parr

    Emotional Literacy: Coping With Anger

    Andrea Gauld

    Law And Order: Citizenship: Hindsight

    Neil Scott, Neil Richards

    Primary Geography - India: Mumbai, Urban India

    Michelle Jones

  • Win School Of Hard Knocks

    James Capria

    Indigenous Peoples, Climate And Eco Systems

    Iwan Russell-Jones

    99 Ways To Lose Your Virginity

    Emily Smith, Daniel Fromm

    Timelines 1066-1660

    Andrew Chater

  • Win The Junior Televison Workshop

  • Win Barbara Cox

    Wipe Out

    Mark Haddon

    Fungus the Bogeyman

    Jonathan Harvey

    Best Friends

    Brian Lynch

    My Parents Are Aliens

  • Win John Godber And Jane Thornton

    Scene - Oddsquad

    Clive Bradley

    Last Rights

    Carolyn Sally Jones

    Shadow Play

    Jamie Rix

    A Grizzly New Year's Tale - The Crystal Eye