Children's in 2007

  • Win The Secret Show

    Christopher O'Hare, Tony Collingwood, Andrea Tran

    Charlie And Lola Christmas Special

    Claudia Lloyd, Kitty Taylor

    Oban Star Racers

    Michael Lekes, Savin Yeatman-Eiffel

    Shaun The Sheep

    Julie Lockhart, Chris Sadler, Richard Goleszowskiÿ

  • Win The Simpsons Movie

    Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

    Happy Feet

    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

    Mr Bean's Holiday

    Night At The Museum

    Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End

    Shrek The Third

    Spider-Man 3


  • Win Charles Martin (Director)

    My Life As A Popat

    Gil Kenan (Director)

    Monster House

    Jane Laffey (Producer)

    See Something, Say Something

    Hannah Pescod (Producer)

    That Summer Day

  • Win The Unwelcome Stranger

    Rosalind Aged 14 From Norfolk

    Go Practise

    Oliver Aged 12 From Scotland

    Neighbourhood Watch

    Adam Aged 10 From Nottingham

    Race Against Time

    Patrick Aged 14 From London

  • Win CBeebies

    Nickelodeon UK

    Nick Jr UK


  • Win That Summer Day

    Hannah Pescod, Jon East, Clive Bradley

    Byker Grove

    Tim Holloway Tim Leandro, Ian Fenton

    Jackanory - The Magician Of Samarkand

    Nick Willing, Kati Nicholl

    My Life As A Popat

    Production Team

  • Win The Slammer

    Steve Ryde, Jeanette Goulbourn, John Payne


    Matthew Napier, Dougie Napier


    James Fox


    Sioned Geraint, Phil Edwards, Paul Leyshon

  • Win The Wrong Trainers

    Kez Margrie

    A Different Life: Working To Live

    Murali Nair, Preeya Nair


    Tim Carter, Helen Soden

    Nick News: See Something, Say Something

    Howard Litton, Debbie MacDonald, Mick Robertson

  • Win Happy Feet

    George Miller, Ben Miller, Doug Mitchell

    Bridge To Terabithia

    Hal Lieberman, Lauren Levine, David Paterson, Gabor Csupo

    Flushed Away

    Peter Lord, Cecil Kramer, Sam Fell, David Bowers

    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

    David Heyman, David Barron, David Yates, Michael Goldenberg

  • Win Aardman

    The Foundation

    Tiger Aspect Productions

    Twenty Twenty Television

  • Win The Secret Show (Online)

    Glynn Hayward, Dylan James, Tony Collingwood

    CBBC Me And My Movie (Online)

    Rosie Allimonos, Siobhan Mulholland, Rick Palmer

    CBeebies (Online)

    Olivia Dickinson

    In The Night Garden (Online)

    Carl Draper

  • Win SpongeBob Squarepants

    Stephen Hillenburg, Alan Smart


    Magnús Scheving, Raymond P Le Gué, Jonathan Judge

    Lockie Leonard

    Kylie Du Fresne, Peter Templeman

    Yin Yang Yo!

    Bob Boyle, Steve Marmel

  • Win Espresso Education: Espresso Primary

    Mike Spooner, David Summers

    Buzz! The Schools Quiz

    Andrew Eades, David Amor, John Roston

    See Something, Say Something

    Howard Litton, Debbie MacDonald, Mick Robertson

    The Transporters

    Claire Harcup, Nik Lever, Simon Baron-Cohen

  • Win Recollections - Eyewitnesses Remember The Holocaust

    Karen Pollock, David Willing, Ian Wall

    Batty Man

    Clare Paterson, Paul Blake

    BBC News School Report 2006/07

    Production Team

    Drugs - The Low Down On Getting High

    Paul Sommers, Antonia Hind

  • Win Charlie And Lola

    Claudia Lloyd, Kitty Taylor

    Little Princess

    Iain Harvey, Edward Foster

    Peppa Pig

    Phil Davies, Mark Baker, Neville Astley


    Production Team

  • Win In The Night Garden

    Anne Wood, Andrew Davenport, Dirk Campbell

    Bubble And Squeak

    Jo Killingley, Alison Stewart

    CBeebies Autumnwatch

    Production Team

    Jim Jam And Sunny

    Iain Lauchlan, Will Brenton, Michael Towner

  • Win Smile

    Barney Harwood

    Art Attack

    Neil Buchanan

    Something Special

    Justin Fletcher

    Tricky TV

    Stephen Mulhern

  • Win Nick's Big Green Thing

    Claire Norowzian

    Little Green Fingers

    Eddie Marshall, Jon Harvey

    Our Friend Earth

    Jonathan Mazur, Peter Drake

    The Sensibles

    David Anderson, Matt Oxborrow

  • Win Mick Robertson

  • Win Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party (PS2)

    Dave Allsopp, Paul Johnson, Ivan Davies

    Crash Of The Titans (Wii)

    Development Team

    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (Xbox 360)

    Harvey Elliott, Kelvin Tuite

    Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (DS)

    Erin Roberts, Tim Welch, Loz Doyle

  • Win Bridget Hurst

    Charlie And Lola

    Malcolm Campbell

    All About Me

    Anna Starkey

    Charlie And Lola