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  • Win Category not awarded this year

  • Win Being There

    Jerzy Kosinski


    Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker

    The Elephant Man

    Christopher De Vore, Eric Bergren, David Lynch

    Kramer Vs Kramer

    Robert Benton

  • Win Sredni Vashtar

    Andrew Birkin

    Box On

    Lindsey Clennell

    Dollor Bottom

    Roger Christian


    Andrew Bogle

  • Win Fame

    Chris Newman, Les Wiggins, Michael J Kohut

    All That Jazz

    Maurice Schell, Chris Newman, Dick Vorisek

    Don Giovanni

    Jean-Louis Ducarme, Jacques Maumont, Michelle Nenny

    The Empire Strikes Back

    Peter Sutton, Ben Burtt, Bill Varney

    The Rose

    Jim Webb, Chris McLaughlin, Kay Rose, Ted Soderberg

  • Win Jimmy Wright

  • Win Denholm Elliott

    Gentle Folk/In Hiding/Blade On The Feather/The Stinker

    Trevor Howard

    The Shillingbury Blowers/Staying On

    Leo McKern

    Rumple's Return

    Sam Waterston


  • Win Peggy Ashcroft

    Caught On A Train/Cream In My Coffee

    Celia Johnson

    Staying On

    Kate Nelligan

    Dreams Of Leaving/Thérèse Raquin/Forgive Our Foolish Ways

    Pamela Stephenson

    Not The Nine O'Clock News

  • Win ITN Coverage Of The Iranian Embassy Siege

    David Goldsmith And The Production Team

    BBC Coverage Of The Iranian Embassy Siege

    News Production Team

    80 Gracious Years

    Jim Pople

    Embassy World Snooker Championship

    Nick Hunter

    Wimbledon 1980 Men's Final

    Jonathan Martin

  • Win Yes, Minister

    Sydney Lotterby


    John Reardon


    Sydney Lotterby, John B Hobbs


    Anthony Parker

    To The Manor Born

    Gareth Gwenlan

  • Win Therese Raquin

    David Myerscough-Jones

    Blade On The Feather

    Andrew Drummond

    Cream In My Coffee

    John Emery

    Love In A Cold Climate

    David Marshall, Robert Ide

  • Win Roger Mills

  • Win Strangeways: Christmas

    Rex Bloomstein

    Cambodia - Year One

    David Munro

    Great Railway Journeys Of The World: Deccan

    Gerry Troyna

    The South Bank Show: A Time There Was… A Profile Of Benjamin Britten

    Tony Palmer

    The World About Us: Osprey

    Hugh Miles

  • Win Oppenheimer

    Peter Goodchild, Barry Davis


    Robert Banks Stewart

    Therese Raquin

    Jonathan Powell, Simon Langton

    To Serve Them All My Days

    Ken Riddington

  • Win Strangeways

    Rex Bloomstein

    Great Railway Journeys Of The World

    Roger Laughton


    Kevin Brownlow, David Gill

    Ireland: A Television History (Episodes 1-5)

    Jeremy Isaacs

    Public School

    Richard Denton

  • Win Category not awarded this year