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  • Channel 4 News - Wales & the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Production Team

    Llofruddiaeth Mike O'Leary

    Helen Llewelyn

    Pawb a'i Farn - Black Lives Matter

    Production Team

  • Win America's War on Abortion (Exposure)

    Deeyah Khan, Darin Prindle, Andrew Smith

    Italy's Frontline: A Doctor's Diary

    Sasha Joelle Achilli, Dan Edge, Ella Claire Newton, Paul van Dyck, Sarah Waldron

    The Battle for Hong Kong (Dispatches)

    Robin Barnwell, Gesbeen Mohammad, Guy Creasey, David Henshaw, Evan Williams

    The Cyprus Papers Undercover (Al Jazeera Investigations)

    Phil Rees, Sarah Yeo, Leonidas Sofogiannis, James Kleinfeld, David Harrison, Jason Gwynne

  • Win Flooding Strikes the South Wales Valleys

    Channel 4 News

    Wales Investigates Inside the UK's Puppy Farm Capital

    Production Team

    Y Byd Ar Bedwar

    Production Team

  • Win The War Next Door: Scotland and the Troubles

    Brendan Hughes, Harry Bell, Morag Tinto, Andrew Chambers

    Scotland's Lockdown (Disclosure)

    Production Team

    The Nine

    Production Team

  • Win Undercover: Inside China's Digital Gulag (Exposure)

    Robin Barnwell, David Henshaw, Guy Creasey, Gesbeen Mohammad

    Growing Up Poor: Britain's Breadline Kids (Dispatches)

    Production Team

    The Hunt for Jihadi John

    Anthony Wonke, Richard Kerbaj, Paul Monaghan, Jane Root

    Is Labour Anti-Semitic?

    Leo Telling, John Ware, Neil Grant, Rachel Jupp

  • Win The Universal Credit Crisis

    Production Team

    Ein Byd

    Production Team

    Y Byd yn Ei Le

    Production Team

  • Win Disclosure: Who Killed Emma

    Production Team

    Disclosure: Can Cannabis Save My Child?

    Production Team

    Disclosure: Suffer The Children

    Production Team

  • Win Myanmar's Killing Fields (Dispatches)

    Evan Williams, Patrick Wells, Eve Lucas, Dan Edge

    Football's Wall of Silence (Al Jazeera Investigations)

    Production Team

    Iran Unveiled: Taking On the Ayatollahs (Exposure)

    Production Team

    Massacre at Ballymurphy

    Callum Macrae, Gwion Owain, Mark Williams, Charlie Hawryliw

  • Win Week In Week Out

    Production Team

    Wales Investigates

    Production Team

    Newyddion 9 Ymosodiad Manceinion

    Production Team

  • Win Undercover: Britain's Immigration Secrets (Panorama)

    Karen Wightman, Joe Plomin, Callum Tulley, Gary Beelders

    Raped: My Story

    Catey Sexton, Jonathan Braman, Emma Wakefield, Ollie Tait

    Syria's Disappeared: The Case Against Assad (Dispatches)

    Sara Afshar, Nicola Cutcher, Callum Macrae

    White Right: Meeting the Enemy (Exposure)

    Deeyah Khan, Darin Prindle, Andrew Smith, Melanie Quigley

  • Win Michael Sheen: The Fight For My Steel Town

    Cysgod Chernobyl/The Shadow of Chernobyl (Y Byd ar Bedwar)

    Living with Dementia: Chris's Story

    Wales at Six (21/10/2016)

  • Win Eòrpa Special: Guantanamo Detainees

    Neil MacIsaac, Angela MacLean, Rebecca MacLennan, Maureen MacLeod

    The Insiders' Guide To The Menopause

    Shiona McCubbin, May Miller

    Who Cares

    Rebecca Curran, Donald John MacDonald, Elizabeth Partyka, Peter Steele

  • Win Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed (Panorama)

    Production Team

    Inside Obama's White House

    Norma Percy, Brian Lapping, Paul Mitchell, Sarah Wallis

    Three Days of Terror: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks (This World)

    Dan Reed, Mark Towns, Luc Hermann

    Unarmed Black Male (This World)

    James Jones, Sarah Foudy, Sarah Waldron, Sam Bagnall

  • Win Life After April

    Production Team

    Wales This Week (Saying Goodbye to Mum)

    Production Team

    Y Byd ar Bedwar

    Production Team

  • Win BBC Scotland Investigates: Britain's Puppy Dealers Exposed

    Sandeep Gill, Liam McDougall, Samantha Poling

    BBC Scotland Investigates: Rugby And The Brain - Tackling The Truth

    John Beattie, Stephen Magee, Marion MacNeil


    Angela MacLean, Rebecca MacLennan, Margaret-Jane Mason, Nina Torrance

  • Win Outbreak: The Truth About Ebola (This World)

    Dan Edge, Sasha Joelle Achilli, Eamonn Matthews, Sarah Waldron

    Children of the Gaza War

    Lyse Doucet, Lucy Hetherington, James Jones, Graham Taylor

    Escape From ISIS (Dispatches)

    Edward Watts, Evan Williams, Sam Collyns, George Waldrum

    Jihad: A British Story

    Deeyah Khan, Darin Prindle, Andrew Smith, Kevin Thomas

  • Win Y Byd Ar Bedwar: Y Felan A Fi

    Production Team

    Week In Week Out: Cardiff To Syria

    Production Team

    Y Sgwrs: Ysbyty Dan Bwysau

    Production Team

  • Win Dispatches: Low Pay Britain

    Richard Cookson, Nicole Kleeman, Morland Sanders

    Eòrpa - MH17

    Production Team

    Scotland Decides: The Big, Big Debate

    Production Team

  • Win Children On The Frontline (Dispatches)

    Marcel Mettelsiefen, Anthony Wonke, Stephen Ellis, Chris Shaw

    Ebola Frontline (Panorama)

    Steve Grandison, Lucie Kon, Karen Edwards, Fabio Basone

    Inside Kenya’s Death Squads (Al Jazeera Investigates)

    Simon Boazman, Kris Jepson, Chris Olivotos, Phil Rees

    Terror At The Mall (This World)

    Dan Reed, Mark Towns, Sarah Waldron, George Carey

  • Win Y Byd Ar Bedwar - Trychineb Y Teiffŵn

    Production Team

    Taro Naw

    Production Team

    Y Byd Ar Bedwar - Byw Heb April

    Geraint Evans

  • Win Dave: Loan Ranger

    Eric Haynes, Ian Lilley, Katie Lander

    Blethering Referendum

    Debbie Christie, Eric Haynes, Roshan Samarasinghe

    Panorama: All In A Good Cause

    Chris Atkins, Marc Sigsworth, Ross Wilson

  • Win Syria: Across The Lines (Dispatches)

    Chris Swayne, Eamonn Matthews, Olly Lambert

    The Cruel Cut

    Richard McKerrow, Kieran Smith, Vicki Cooper, Leyla Hussein

    North Korea: Life Inside The Secret State (Dispatches)

    David Henshaw, James Jones, Todd Downing

    The Hunt For Britain’s Sex Gangs (Dispatches)

    Anna Hall, Matt Pinder, Paddy Garrick, Tazeen Ahmad

  • Win Y Byd Ar Bedwar: Marwolaethau Cyffuriau Mon

    Team Y Byd A'r Bedwar

    Is Wales Working

    Judith Davies

    Y Byd Ar Bedwar: April Jones

    Geraint Evans

  • Win Sins Of Our Fathers

    Mark Daly, Peter Macrae, Murdoch Rodgers

    Panorama: The Truth About Pills And Pregnancy

    Richard Cookson, Shelley Jofre, Nicole Kleeman

    Road To Referendum

    Alan Clements, Brendan O'Hara

  • Win The Shame of the Catholic Church (This World)

    Sam Collyns, Alison Millar, Darragh MacIntyre, Seamus McCracken

    Britain’s Hidden Housing Crisis (Panorama Special)

    James Jones, Steve Hewlett, Rachel Crellin, Todd Downing

    The Other Side of Jimmy Savile (Exposure)

    Mark Williams-Thomas, Lesley Gardiner, Alexander Gardiner

    What Killed Arafat? (Al Jazeera Investigates)

    Clayton Swisher, Adrian Billing, Naji Tamimi, Richard Belfield

  • Win Wales This Week: Special - The Bullseye Killer

    Jonathan Hill, Greg Lewis, Mike Talbot

    Taro Naw: Llofruddigethau Llangolman

    Ioan Wyn Evans, Geraint Lewis Jones

    Week In Week Out: Cash For Qualifications

    Jayne Morgan

  • Win Rangers: The Men Who Sold The Jerseys

    Murdoch Rodgers


    Cailean MacLeoid, Hedda NicLeod


    Peter Wolsey, Terry Wolsey

  • Win Panorama: Undercover Care - The Abuse Exposed

    Joe Casey, Matthew Chapman, Paul Kenyon, Frank Simmonds

    Bahrain: Shouting In The Dark

    Jon Blair, Tuki Laumea, Hassan Mahfood, May Ying Welsh

    Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

    Callum Macrae, Chris Shaw, Jon Snow

    Panorama: The Truth About Adoption

    Todd Downing, Tom Giles, Roger Graef, Clare Johns

  • Win Week In Week Out: University Challenged

    Nick Skinner

    Panorama: Chocolate - The Bitter Truth

    Howard Bradburn, Rachel Morgan, Luned Tonderai

    Taro Naw: Ken Jones

    Illtyd Ab Alwyn

  • Win The Walking Wounded

    Stephen Bennett

    BBC Scotland Investigates: Surgery's Dirty Secret

    Liam McDougall

    The Lockerbie Bomber: Sent Home To Die

    David Cowan, Donald John MacDonald