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  • Win David Clews

    Educating Essex

    Vanessa Berlowitz, Chadden Hunter, Kathryn Jeffs

    Frozen Planet: To The Ends Of The Earth

    Sacha Mirzoeff

    Protecting Our Children

    Charlie Russell

    Terry Pratchett: Choosing To Die

  • Win Dan Reed

    Dispatches: The Battle For Haiti

    Gideon Bradshaw, Paul Olding

    Wonders Of The Solar System: Empire Of The Sun

    Nicolas Brown

    Human Planet: Arctic

    Chris Holt

    Wonders Of The Solar System: The Thin Blue Line

  • Win Patrick Forbes

    The Force

    Annabel Gillings

    How Earth Made Us: Water

    Nick Read

    Dispatches: The Slumdog Children Of Mumbai

    Dan Reed

    Dispatches: Terror In Mumbai

  • Win Morgan Matthews

    The Fallen

    Amanda Blue

    Prescott: The Class System And Me

    Jonathan Smith

    The Family

    Stephen Walker

    A Boy Called Alex

  • Win Jezza Neumann

    Dispatches: China’s Stolen Children (Special)

    Joseph Bullman

    The Seven Sins Of England

    Annabel Gillings

    Earth: The Power Of The Planet - Atmosphere

    Livia Russell

    Grand Designs