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  • Dublin Narcos

    Benedict Sanderson, Claire McFall, Sacha Baveystock, Edmund Coulthard, Megan Taylor, Laura Dunne


    Production Team


    Nancy Strang, John Dower, Claire McFall, Barnaby Fry, Dejan Cancar, Charlie Hawryliw

    Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland

    Production Team

  • Win Libby, Are You Home Yet?

    Anna Hall, Josephine Besbrode, Luke Rothery, Danielle Jones, Celia Jennison

    Jeremy Kyle Show: Death On Daytime

    Kira Phillips, Barry Ronan, Rosina Andreou, Graeme McAulay, Abi Walker, Charlie MacDonald

    Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi

    Production Team

    Worlds Collide: The Manchester Bombing

    Production Team

  • Win Uprising

    Production Team

    9/11: One Day in America

    Caroline Marsden, Daniel Bogado, TJ Martin, Dan Lindsay, David Glover, Ella Wright

    The Detectives: Fighting Organised Crime

    Production Team

    Undercover Police: Hunting Paedophiles

    Joe Mather, Simon Ford, Jamie Pickup, Mark Casebow, Charlie MacDonald, Juliet Piper

  • Win Once Upon a Time in Iraq

    James Bluemel, Jo Abel, Miriam Walsh, Simon Sykes, Andrew Palmer, Will Anderson

    Crime & Punishment

    Production Team

    Hospital: Fighting COVID-19

    Production Team

    Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency

    Production Team

  • Win Leaving Neverland

    Dan Reed, Jules Cornell

    Crime and Punishment

    Emily Lawson, Bruce Fletcher, Jemma Chisnall, Mark Raphael

    Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

    Mark Lewis, Felicity Morris, Michael Harte, Dimitri Doganis

    Our Dementia Choir With Vicky McClure

    Production Team

  • Win Louis Theroux's Altered States

    Production Team

    24 Hours In A&E

    Production Team

    Life and Death Row: The Mass Execution

    Miles Blayden-Ryall, Alistair Martin, Becky Casey, Aysha Rafaele


    Richard Melman, Paddy Wivell, Kathy Myers, Jack Wood

  • Win Ambulance

    Jo Hughes, Bruce Fletcher, Kirsty Cunningham, Simon Ford

    Catching a Killer

    Production Team


    Sacha Mirzoeff, Xavier Alford, Bart Corpe, Simon Ford


    Production Team

  • Win Exodus: Our Journey to Europe

    Production Team

    24 Hours in Police Custody

    Production Team

    Kids on the Edge

    Production Team

    The Prosecutors: Real Crime and Punishment

    Blue Ryan, Sara Hardy, Sacha Baveystock, Gwyn Jones

  • Win The Murder Detectives

    Ben Brown, Bart Corpe, Neil Grant, Dave Nath

    The Detectives

    Colin Barr, Ruth Kelly, James Newton, Rupert Houseman

    Great Ormond Street

    Dollan Cannell, Catey Sexton, Lucy Hillman

    The Tribe

    Production Team

  • Win Life And Death Row

    Production Team

    15,000 Kids And Counting

    Chris Eley, Brian Woods, Gwyn Jones, Fiona Jones

    Educating The East End

    Andrew Mackenzie-Betty, David Clews, Jo Hughes, Liz Hazell

    Protecting Our Parents

    Julian Mercer, Rob Miller, Alice Perman, Jonathan Taylor

  • Win Bedlam

    Production Team

    The Route Masters: Running London’s Roads

    Edmund Coulthard, Alistair Pegg, Matt Pelly, Simon Gilchrist

    Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS In A Day

    Production Team

    Educating Yorkshire

    David Brindley, Grace Reynolds, David Clews, Andrew Mackenzie-Betty

  • Win Our War

    Production Team

    24 Hours in A&E

    Nick Curwin, Tom McDonald, Kirsty Cunningham, Rita Daniels

    Great Ormond Street

    Production Team

    Make Bradford British

    Richard McKerrow, Heenan Bhatti, Martin Fuller, Simon Evans

  • Win Our War

    Production Team

    The Choir: Military Wives

    Tim Carter, Stephen Finnigan, Lucy Hillman, Gareth Malone

    Educating Essex

    David Clews, Andrew Mackenzie-Betty, Beejal-Maya Patel, Grace Reynolds

    Protecting Our Children

    Emma Burman, Petra Graf, Anna McGill, Sacha Mirzoeff

  • Win Welcome To Lagos

    Will Anderson, Gavin Searle, Chris King, Andrew Palmer


    Simon Ford, Ben Rumney, Anthony Philipson, Tim Wardle

    One Born Every Minute

    Sanjay Singhal, Peter Moore, Lorraine Charker-Phillips, Lucy Bowden

    The Young Ones

    Leanne Klein, Tom McDonald, Michael Jochnowitz

  • Win One Born Every Minute

    Production Team

    Blood, Sweat And Takeaways

    Mark Rubens, Tim Quicke, James Christie-Miller, Jo Bishop

    The Family

    David Clews, Beejal-Maya Patel, Jonathan Smith, Sanjay Singhal

    Who Do You Think You Are?

    Elizabeth Dobson, Colette Flight, Lucy Carter, Alex Graham

  • Win Amazon With Bruce Parry

    Production Team

    Blood, Sweat And T-Shirts

    Mark Rubens, Tim Quicke, Jo Bishop

    The Family

    Production Team

    Ross Kemp In Afghanistan

    Clive Tulloh, John Conroy, Matt Bennett, Ross Kemp

  • Win The Tower: A Tale Of Two Cities

    Simon Ford, Rachel Innes-Lumsden, Anthony Wonke, Ines Cavill

    Meet The Natives

    Gavin Searle, Will Anderson, Andrew Palmer, Chris King

    Paul Merton In China

    Paul Sommers, Mark Chapman, Barbie MacLaurin, Paul Merton


    Bruce Parry, Steve Robinson, Sam Organ

  • Win Ross Kemp On Gangs

    Clive Tulloh, Amelia Hann, Ross Kemp

    Stephen Fry - The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive

    Production Team


    James Smith, Steve Robinson, Bruce Parry, Sam Organ

    Who Do You Think You Are?

    Alex Graham, Lucy Carter

  • Win Jamie's School Dinners

    Andrew Conrad, Robert Thirkell, Dominique Walker


    Production Team


    Guillermo Galdos, David Notman-Watt, Angus Macqueen

    49 Up

    Bill Jones, Claire Lewis, Michael Apted

  • Win The Human Body

    Richard Dale

    The Clintons: A Marriage Of Power

    Paul Mitchell

    Cold War

    Martin Smith

    The Life Of Birds

    Mike Salisbury

  • Win The Nazis: A Warning From History

    Laurence Rees

    Breaking Point

    Peter Gordon, Amanda Richardson


    Neil Grant, Belinda Cherrington

    Royals And Reptiles

    Leonie Jameson, Denys Blakeway

  • Win The House

    Michael Waldman, Andrew Bethell

    Cutting Edge

    Peter Moore

    People's Century

    Peter Pagnamenta

    The System

    Peter Dale

  • Win The Death Of Yugoslavia

    Norma Percy


    David Lloyd

    Network First

    Stuart Prebble, John Blake

    The Private Life Of Plants

    Mike Salisbury

  • Win Beyond The Clouds

    Phil Agland

    Cutting Edge

    Peter Moore


    Sara Ramsden

    Hollywood Kids

    Jilly Hafenrichter

  • Win The Ark

    Molly Dineen

    Cutting Edge

    Peter Moore

    First Tuesday

    Chris Bryer

    Life In The Freezer

    Alastair Fothergill

  • Win Pandora's Box

    Adam Curtis

    Doctors To Be

    Edward Briffa

    Inside Story

    Steve Hewlett, Paul Hamann

    Secret History

    John Willis

  • Win Naked Hollywood

    Nicolas Kent


    Nigel Finch, Anthony Wall


    David Lloyd

    First Tuesday

    Grant McKee

    Forty Minutes

    Caroline Pick

  • Win The Trials Of Life

    Peter Jones


    Nigel Finch, Anthony Wall

    Disappearing World

    David Wason

    First Tuesday

    Grant McKee

    Forty Minutes

    Caroline Pick

  • Win Forty Minutes (Series 1)

    Edward Mirzoeff


    Nigel Finch, Anthony Wall

    Around The World In 80 Days

    Clem Vallance, Roger Mills

    World In Action

    Stuart Prebble

  • Win Arena

    Anthony Wall, Nigel Finch

    Forty Minutes

    Edward Mirzoeff

    The South Bank Show

    Melvyn Bragg


    John Downer