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  • Win Finding My Family: Holocaust (Newsround Special)

    Production Team

    Anne Frank: A Life In Hiding (Newsround Special)

    Production Team


    Sarah Murch, Launa Kennett, Denis McWilliams

    My Life: Blood Sugar Brothers

    Production Team

  • Win The Dengineers

    Charlotte Ingham, Jennifer Morrison, Annette Williams

    Blue Peter

    Production Team

    Operation Ouch!

    Production Team

    The Pets Factor

    Production Team

  • Win Mumbai Street Strikers (My Life)

    Production Team

    Finding My Family Windrush: A Newsround Special

    Kirsti Adair, Georgina Bowman, Chris Whyatt

    Missing Dad (My Life)

    Rebecca Lloyd-Evans, Natasha Dack, Jennifer Monks

    My Gay Life

    Production Team

  • Win Inside My Head: A Newsround Special

    Charlotte Ingham, Josh Gale

    Absolute Genius Monster Builds

    Matt Knight, James Knight, Annette Williams

    My Life: Born to Vlog

    Sarah Murch, Launa Kennett, Denis McWilliams

    To Life

    Production Team

  • Win The Boy on the Bicycle (My Life)

    Production Team

    Blue Peter - The Walk that Changed The World

    Zoe Thorman, Matthew Peacock, Andrew Hassall

    Newsround - Hiroshima Special

    Georgina Bowman, Leah Boleto, Will Pilkinton

    Operation Ouch!

    Production Team

  • Win I Am Leo (My Life)

    Phil Niland, Cat Lewis, Lyndsay Rowan

    Being Me: A Newsround Special

    Steph Atkinson, Millie Innes, Kirsti Adair

    Mr Alzheimers and Me (My Life)

    Chloe Fairweather, Natasha Dack

    Operation Ouch!

    Production Team

  • Win Operation Ouch!

    Production Team

    Deadly Pole To Pole

    Scott Alexander, Jonny Keeling, Janelle Backes

    Frontline Families - A Newsround Special

    Steph Atkinson, Rowan Crompton, Martin Dougan

    Junior Vets

    Production Team

  • Win Operation Ouch!

    Production Team

    Absolute Genius With Dick & Dom

    Owenna Griffiths, Lee English, James Millar

    My Life: Breaking Free

    Alison Gregory, Kate Monaghan, Holly Cocker

    Newsround: Hard Times

    Alex Leech, Ricardo Boleto, Daniel Clarke

  • Win My Life: Me, My Dad and His Kidney

    Rachael Smith, Cat Lewis, Helen Tither

    Deadly 60

    Scott Alexander, Kirstine Davidson

    Newsround Special: My Autism and Me

    Victoria Bell, Daniel Clarke, Owenna Griffiths

    Show Me What You’re Made Of

    Production Team

  • Music, Mud & Making Money

    Sarah Dean, Rajan Malhotra, Michael Tuft

  • Win Deadly 60

    James Brickell, John Miller

    Blue Peter: Comic Relief Girl On Wire

    Dawn Langan, Tim Levell, Moray London

    My Life: Ballet Boys

    Rick Goodwin, Simon Schofield, Jenni Smith

    My Life: Stammer School

    Chris Chapman, Claire Storey Lambert

  • Win Newsround Special - Living With Alcohol

    Lizzy Lambley, Owenna Griffiths, Gillian Scothern

    Election: Your Vote

    Carolyn Payne

    My Life: Karate Kids

    John Walsh

    Newsround Special - Caught In The Web

    Production Team

  • Win Serious Ocean

    Marshall Corwin

    Deadly 60

    John Miller, James Brickell

    Gone (Newsround Special)

    Sinéad Rocks, Timothy Fransham, Simon Goretzki

    Horrible Histories

    Caroline Norris, Chloe Thomas, Steve Connelly

  • Win Serious Andes

    Marshall Corwin, Reem Nouss

    Newsround On Knives

    Kez Margrie, Sinead Rocks

    Nick News: Nick's Big Green Challenge

    Mick Robertson, Julian Kemp

    The Smoke House

    Production Team

  • Win The Wrong Trainers

    Kez Margrie

    A Different Life: Working To Live

    Murali Nair, Preeya Nair


    Tim Carter, Helen Soden

    Nick News: See Something, Say Something

    Howard Litton, Debbie MacDonald, Mick Robertson

  • Win Michaela's Wild Challenge

    Jonathan Frisby, Luke Gallie

    Blue Peter - Book Awards

    Ros Sewell, Hugh Lawton, Richard Marson

    The Really Wild Show

    Production Team

    Serious Amazon

    Marshall Corwin

  • Win Serious Arctic

    Marshall Corwin, Audrey Neil, Nick Hopkin

    A Different Life

    Rupert Dobson, Will Rowson

    Michaela's Wild Challenge

    Luke Gallie, Jonathan Frisby


    Jill Nicholls, Dominique Young

  • Win Primary History - Indus Civilisation: Mohenjo-Daro

    Andrea Parr

    Emotional Literacy: Coping With Anger

    Andrea Gauld

    Law And Order: Citizenship: Hindsight

    Neil Scott, Neil Richards

    Primary Geography - India: Mumbai, Urban India

    Michelle Jones

  • Win School Of Hard Knocks

    James Capria

    Indigenous Peoples, Climate And Eco Systems

    Iwan Russell-Jones

    99 Ways To Lose Your Virginity

    Emily Smith, Daniel Fromm

    Timelines 1066-1660

    Andrew Chater

  • Win Serious Desert

    Marshall Corwin

    A Different Life

    Dan Exelby

    Mad About

    Steve Wynne, Kate Maddigan

    Short Change

    Reem Nouss, Moray London, Carolyn Clancy

  • Win Thinking Skills: Think About It - Hiding Places

    Yvonne Davies

    Let's Write Non-Fiction: Persuasion

    Patrick Reams, Kim Noble, Stuart Silver

    Primary Geography: Mexico

    Judith Tyrer

    Primary History: The Aztecs

    Peter Evans

  • Win In Search Of The Tartan Turban

    Annie Malcolm, Robert Sproul-Cran, Hardeep Singh Kohli

    The A-Z Of Drugs

    Lisa Fairbank, Emma Wakefield

    Contemporary Visions

    Sue Aron, Andrea Parr

    History File: Seven Journeys In The American West

    Andrew Chater

  • Win Blue Peter - Launch Of The Tanzania Water Appeal

    Steve Hocking, Richard Marson, Kez Margrie

    Get The Skinny

    Emma Walsh, John Butterworth

    RAD And The Grommets Tour

    Wayne Yates, Christian Stevenson

    The Really Wild Show

    Lucy Bowden

  • Win Let's Write A Story: Writing Academy

    Sarah Miller, Patrick Reams

    New Kid In Class

    Mandy Temple

    Primary Geography: Water

    Judith Tyrer, Melissa Burhop

    Primary History: Saxons And Vikings

    Julie Ardrey, Kate Lukeman

  • Win The English Programme: Film Focus: Animation - Food Commercials

    Ingrid Falck

    Cool Keys

    Kate Walker

    Curriculum Bites: English

    Julie Callanan, Cheryl Gabriel, Andrea Parr

    Curriculum Bites: Interpretations

    Andrew Chater, David Johnson, Paul Trainor

  • Win Newsround Extra: Afghanistan

    Ian Prince, Audrey Neil, Roy Milani

    Art Attack

    Nic Ayling, Peter Eyre

    DIY TV

    Gillian Scothern

    The Really Wild Show

    Production Team

  • Win Geography Junction: Jamaica - The Coastal Environment

    Mick Robertson, Emma Walsh

    Spell It Out

    Julie Callanan

    Stop, Look, Listen: Okey Cokey Karaoke! The Raja With Big Ears

    Sheila Fraser, Helen Sheppard

    Watch: Bullying

    Sarah Miller

  • Win History File: Britain 1906-1918 - A History In Photographs

    Andrew Chater


    Nicci Crowther, Chris Walker

    The Maths Channel

    Judith Tyrer, Melissa Burhop

    Science In Focus: Big Questions: The Nature Of Scientific Enquiry - Faraday's Famous Inventions

    Robert Eagle, Bindu Mathur

  • Win Nick News

    Nina Brown, Julian Kemp, Emma Walsh

    Art Attack

    Helen Evans, Peter Eyre

    Newsround Extra: Sierra Leone - The Battle For Childhood

    Ian Prince, Roy Milani


    Dylan Huws

  • Win Zig Zag - Snapshots: Children In The Second World War

    Michelle Jones

    Darren Gough's Cricket Academy: The Colts

    Alan Hurndall, Daniel Gordon

    ICT 4 Learning: Communicate!

    Paul Davies, Dirk Campbell

    Just Write: Stand Up Poetry

    Nick Salmon, Hilary Lawson