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  • Win Ten Pieces II

    Production Team


    Production Team

    Sleeping Lions

    David Barnes, Louise Lynch, Neil McKay

    Walter Tull - Britain's Black Officer

    Michael Davies, David Cortese

  • Win Poetry: Between the Lines

    Production Team

    The Boris Games

    Martin Wright, Richard England, Hao Cai

    Exploration India

    Dominic Sant, Harvey Woolfe, Nick Price

    Llond Ceg

    Llinos Griffin-Williams, Aled Haydn Jones, Meinir Siencyn

  • Win Poetry: Between The Lines

    Production Team

    Children Of The Holocaust

    Production Team

    Exploring The Past: Post War Britain

    Dominic Sant, Rhonda Evans, Nick Price

    Matters Of Life And Death

    Andy Glynne, Dylan Howitt

  • Win Just a Few Drinks

    Harvey Woolfe, Dominic Sant, Tristan Anderson

    The Imagineers

    Chris Harries, Jane Dibblin, Richard Osborne

    L8R Youngers 3

    Derek Brown, John White, Malcolm Campbell

    Romeo and Juliet – In Performance

    Production Team

  • Win L8R Youngers 2

    John White, Derek Brown, David Watson

    Gang Life

    Paul Blake

    Make A Musical

    Rebecca Applin, Owen Smith, Martin Wright

    Music, Mud & Making Money

    Sarah Dean, Rajan Malhotra, Michael Tuft

  • Win Privates

    Development Team

    Jamie's Dream School/Britain's Dream Teachers

    Roy Ackerman, Andrew Chitty, Tom Kenyon

    Love Hurts

    Lisa Fairbank, Emma Wakefield

    Wanna Be A Rockstar

    Owen Smith, Andy Wan, Martin Wright

  • Win Smallpox Through Time

    Jon Adams, Andrew Chater, Paul Trainor

    Democracy In Action: A Divided Europe And Immigration

    Melanie Essex, Simon Thomson, Mark Egan

    Lesson Starters - The Holocaust

    David Parker, Ian Bild

    Science Of Scams

    Development Team

  • Win Troubled Minds

    Andy Glynne

    Battlefront (Online)

    Lucy Willis, Chris Mair


    Barbara Zambrini, Richard England, Mohima Ahmed

    Skills For Life

    Martin Wright, Andy Wan, Owen Smith

  • Win L8R (Online)

    John White, Malcolm Campbell, David Watson

    BBC News School Report (Online)

    Production Team

    Focus On Film (Online)

    Andrew Payne, Clare Horrie, Ben Walsh

    Technology For Life (Online)

    Dean Beswick, Stefan Stuckert

  • Win Recollections - Eyewitnesses Remember The Holocaust

    Karen Pollock, David Willing, Ian Wall

    Batty Man

    Clare Paterson, Paul Blake

    BBC News School Report 2006/07

    Production Team

    Drugs - The Low Down On Getting High

    Paul Sommers, Antonia Hind

  • Win Timelines: Empire

    Andrew Chater


    Iwan Russell Jones, Bethan Jones

    Discovering Antarctica (Online)

    Production Team

    Don't Make Me Angry

    John Walsh